Love, lust and the whole dang thing

May 20, 2008 at 12:21 am (Uncategorized)

I know it sounds like the title to a bad country song but hey it suits my mood sort of. I got no writing done this weekend I was sick and hated it, I know no one in their right mind likes being sick but I hate it with a passion. I am so frustrated right now I can scream and the only sad thing about that is I really have no clue why I am so frustrated. Perhaps it is because I am insanely moody lately or because I had a few ideas for my current projects and couldn’t get any writing done.

Grr, as if being sick wasn’t enough I had it rubbed in my face my lack of a social life or to put it much more plainer my lack of a man. Hello? Yes I know what I am missing in my life at the moment I really don’t need to be constantly reminded. *Gee, I think I know why I am frustrated* Hey I would love to be in a stable relationship or whatever but for now it just isn’t in the cards I am fine with this really I am. Ok, maybe I wouldn’t feel so lousy about this detail if I am not constantly asked when I will have a child or get married or whatever. But no I must be reminded of my advancing age *28 snort* and that I better hurry up and get myself a man. Thanks, but no thanks. It isn’t as if I hadn’t tried but I have given up a long time ago trying to get anyone to listen to anything I consider as important. My focus is on my other love at the moment and that is writing. Grr, when is enough really enough? When I finally blow and admit the truth if I did that I think I would be hurting myself more than anyone else and I really don’t need that at the moment.

Rant now over as I attempt to work on a story that has been swirling in my head for the past two days.


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Too much on the mind, not enough on paper

May 12, 2008 at 1:26 am (Uncategorized)

I have been quite busy with no idea what to even write here on my poor neglected blog. Writing wise things are going incredibly well with Darkly Enchanting in the editing process clocking in at just over 14k. So hopefully that will be submitted to Nocturne Bites at the end of the month. I am alsway currently busy with a halloween novella that is a romance bordering on a horrific ghost story it is a wee bit dark but it is for halloween so what is expected I like a good scare once in awhile.

My sister is getting married in a few months and she made me the matron of honour if I hear one more crack of always a bridesmaid never a bride I swear I will seriously hurt someone! I still have to see my surgeon for a basic check up which is a pain in my rear, but everything with that is fine that I know of so I am not too worried. Hmm, my thinking of what colors I would like to use for my website which should be started soon. Speaking of websites it feels strange to say my website like I am now an official writer (well ok not until September) but it kind of feels nice.

Later this month I am going to see the new Indiana Jones flick I watched all the others ones when I was a kid and quite enjoyed them so I am kind of looking forward to this even though Harrison Ford is no Gary. I will be getting my Gary fix in July when I see The Dark Knight I have already booked two nights off to see it. I know, I know not the Gary stuff again but Gary Oldman is my muse seriously or my muse takes the form of him. Hey it works for me so I just go with it and with almost ten projects (omg I really need to cut down) of differing lengths in the works I really need my muse to work with me.

Goodness I am totally beginning to ramble again that is what happens when I have been plotting almost all day. Which sadly means my current project list is growing oh well at least I am keeping myself busy. Now I am going to dive back into some hard core writing and hopefully remember to get to bed at a decent time.


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