And now for some more writing

August 21, 2007 at 4:50 am (surgeon)

Yes, of course I am about to express my concern of my ever expanding list of current or on-going projects. Besides my current BIAM I am now jumping into another writing challenge for 10 days on a new project and that goal is for 20k. Insane, you say? Perhaps. But I must remind all whom read this that I do nothing but write and read and of course basic household and human functions – wake up, shower, eat, wash dishes – you get the picture. Anyhow besides my writing projects I am now a book reviewer. Yup, you read correctly reviewing is all new to me but of course with my writing load I enjoy reading and reading with a purpose is even better.

I get to see my surgeon on Wednesday I am not looking forward to this at all. In the past few months since I last saw him I attempted to work and ended up literally blacking out. Everytime I go up three or four steps my knees creak and crack so loudly that everyone turns to look at me and I have lost five pounds. Not much I know but since I am unable to do normal excerises I think that is pretty good. My personal goal is to lose the last 50 lbs. in time for my summer trip next year even if I lose 20 I will be thrilled.

As an added bonus on my next post I will have the title for my BIAM up – since I am still undecided at which of two titles I want everyone has to wait and see. Now back to writing and don’t forget to check out the added links they are to some of my favorite places to visit online.


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