Is it good for you – love scenes

September 30, 2007 at 12:43 pm (writing)

Ok, as promised a post about the one subject that some writers dread and others just can’t get enough of – sex. Ah, the days of the birds and bees are long gone, tip toeing around whatwas once a delicate subject has gone the way of wooly mammoth. It is every where you like now a days television, movies, books, etc. But when is too much well too much? Personally I read and write everything from sweet to pretty graphic stuff probably not hardcore romance erotica but not too far off either and I can’t help if there is a line. For me I write a story then add the sex especially for my longer works if my two characters aren’t going to expire without it then they won’t be getting it on. It is all about the timing I suppose.

Then that brings up the idea of how – yes I know how it is a question of when and where and of course postioning. I like it realistic and I like to think most people do as well with the added bonus perhaps of of a hellva lot of it lol. Seriously if it is a paranormal novel with vampires I don’t want to see creatures of the night banging some poor women on the ceiling or leaving her clutching the chandelier for dear life when he forgets that well she can’t fly. A king sized bed might be a little too realistic though while a garden bench in a private garden might be fun. The possiblities are endless if you think about it. But the main question is how does the reader like it? Slow and teasing? Fast and hard? Desperate and Quick? Or lingering and romantic?


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Writing, Blogs and More

September 26, 2007 at 10:09 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, I would’ve posted before now but when I cleaned out my email and cookies I accidently deleted my password for here as well. After two attempts to gain entrance I finally got in with my third new password of the day. To say I wasn’t impressed was an understatement. Anyway I shoould have my progress bars updated in the next week (they are a pain but I think they are so pretty when I see all the progress I get done).

 My vampire story, Ashes is in second version mode which means I should be meeting my personal deadline for mid-October. My feeble attempts at the Brava contest has come and gone my story seems to fit a novel length mould more than a novella so I am not going to fight it. my valentine novella is almost finished and it really isn.t that bad not really much a romantic comedy but I really ain’t that type of girl.

I have also been planning for the new year (I know it seems so far still but I like planning ahead). When my name change is complete I am getting my passport fixed and booking my flight and hotel to London. I really, really want to go I have always wanted to go to England and come hell or high water I will go. If all else works out as planned (keeping my fingers crossed) then I will be going to RT. It sounds like loads of fun and some networking never hurt anyone.

Since I am being yelled out for the computer (I want AJ!!!) I got to go. But for one of my upcoming posts look forward to such fun topics as – How do you like it? Hard and fast or slow and savoured love scenes. Plus a possible interview with my muse who talks back (in a good way) and takes the form of Gary Oldman (he is hot, I can’t help it). Trust me if I write when I am exhausted that is one to look forward to.

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News & Updates

September 4, 2007 at 1:04 pm (Vampire Oracle)

I have finally officially started my vampire oracle project – Ashes. So far it is coming along quite well and I actually enjoy it which is saying a lot since normally I hate starting a story – introducing characters and so forth. I much rather jump right into some action and I think that this time I got both so everyone is happy. My other projects are coming along much slower at the moment but you know my goal for this week is to get the first draft of Ashes done and work from there.

The Vampire Oracle now has its own little spot on the net with all the writers in the series it went live yesterday so check it out. Check the links in my blog roll it should be there.

Ok, that is all for now and I think I better get back to work.

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