Never enough time

May 30, 2007 at 9:50 pm (Uncategorized)

I officially go out west on friday and there is still way too much to do – from finishing packing to going through my notes and rough notes to see what is worth keeping and what gets recycled. The root canal didn’t happen- why? I have no idea except that the appointment was to just to check things out. Grr, should’ve known something like that woud happen but I thought it would be done by the first guess it isn’t going to happen. Just have to wait the three months until my job’s health benefits clicks in- fact of my life to wait yet again.

On the good side of things I am almost done Aroused and Cursed which I am thrilled to bits about. It is my first attempt at playing with the idea of curses and I really like how it is going now and it is already 1k more than I thought it would be. When this project is done and submitted I am soo going to treat myself to some chocolate since I am going to treat myself to a soft serve ice cream cone tomorrow runing my already slowly failing diet. Hmm, well I am almost 40 lbs. less than I was last year at the time of my surgery. So there *yes, I am sticking out my tongue* – mind you I still would like to lose another forty lbs. and then I will be about ten pounds away from having the medical ideal weight.

Talking of chocolate I checked out this site for a shop I want to visit when I go to London called, Hotel Chocolat. Omg, I must admit that I was tempted to pick up the phone and place an order. The site is drool worthy with a wide selection of dark chocolate – my favorite. But the trip is slowly coming up so I must be patient and satisfy myself with perhaps a mars bar or something.


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I woke up and life got in the way

May 21, 2007 at 6:12 pm (Uncategorized)

The tite says it all I think the last two weeks (perhaps longer but my head hurts thinking that far back lol). This week is going to be no different – packing, organizing, booking my flight (to go out west), get information for my trip to London (in July), a root canal and a personal deadline for Aroused and Cursed. Might not seem like much I know but packing in my opinion also means getting ready for the move emotionally not just physically meaning I must hang out with my sister once or twice, see my grandma once more (went out for dinner with her last night), go to the beach once or twice because I don’t know where the closet lake will be in Alberta and I love just gazing out at the water it makes me think and clear my head all at once. Get an updated resume which is going to be fun in itself with my last job being five years ago and I know that this may shock some people but I really want to work, I enjoy being kept busy and for some reason I write better then.

On the subject of personal goals I write to have Aroused and Cursed finished and almost done editing for the first week in June. Hard to believe that once upon a time it used to be a short aimed for Amber Quill Heat Wave contest but I couldn’t stop and it became too long and it was way too late to start another, maybe next year. Now it is at the 18k mark and I know that there will probably be another 5 to 6k added to it before it is finished. Who would’ve thought that I would have so much fun with curses?

My Halloween work in progress is coming along quite nicely as well – so well in fact that it is becoming a trilogy. I have no idea if they will ever be published or e-published (to me it is all the same except for one is on paper and the other is on a hand held thingie – tech stuff is not my scene). It is about vampires but they are a classic halloween element and besides who doesn’t like vampires. I will probably do something else with vampires besides the trilogy later on but right now I am quite content with other paranormal elements like witches, hauntings and other such things. Is reincarnation considered paranormal? I think that is something to look into, but I personally haven’t read any good reincarnation stories ever.

And my other novella length story – a historical no less is beginning to turn into a category or novel length I am not too  sure as of yet. But it is already special to me and harkens back to the old days of the historical romances I first read. The weathly English gentleman with a past he wants no one to know about, but of course comes back in the form of a friend’s orphaned daughter and a mutual enemy following them from England to the Caribbean. With pirates and ships involved I am having loads of fun researching all the little details eventually I will post a few links to some of my favorite links.

I scraped one of my other stories and will eventually start it from scratch once again but right now I am focusing on the above mentioned projects plus my main stream series and a full length historical that I will send to agents.

Darn it, half the day is already over and I have too much to do still. I guess I better get back to work and have loads of caffine because I am soo going to need it.

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The big move

May 6, 2007 at 10:06 pm (Uncategorized)

I have made the move from blogger one of the few reasons I haven’t been posting – bad I know but so many were making the change so I decided to check it out. WordPress in my opinion is so much easier than blogger which is saying a lot but I can upload images and everything now. With the move and this being a new month I have decided to post more often -*I know I said it before but I mean it this time really.*

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