Planning for the future

June 23, 2008 at 2:48 am (Los Angeles)

Yup, I am planning a trip for the very end of December beginning of January to of all places Los Angeles. Why? I am kind of asking myself the same thing but even though it is a bit cooler there that time of year it still isn’t 30 below or worst which it will be more than likely here.

It is mostly going to be a work trip and maybe some research with possibly some fun thrown in. strangely I find I write a lot more *perhaps even better* not at home. At times since AJ has bitten the dust writing can be a strugle. While even if I just went to a coffee shop I could sit there for hours and my fingers would just fly.

So once a month I will be posting a place to eat or visit that I am considering going to. Mostly to remind myself that I am finally doing something somewhat fun.


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