This summer is insane!!

July 24, 2008 at 5:11 am (Uncategorized)

I haven’t had a chance to post here much less think of what to post. My dress for the wedding has finally come in with two weeks to spare *wasn’t too sure if I could cut it any closer*. Watched the new Batman movie on Friday night – everyone thought I was crazy to get my tickets two weeks early and I know that I did the right thing. Even though I still had to wait in a line for two hours justĀ to get a seat *I like aisle seats*.

My review of the movie, I refuse to review it. This is just something that you have to see for yourself to believe and all the hype is dead on. I am already itching to see it again but when I tried to yesterday it was sold out yet again – I suppose I can wait a week or two but I have never been known for my patience. Seriously though I know better than to review anything with Gary Oldman in it. It would end up being something along the lines of – Gary Oldman is drool worthy as the one if not the only decent cop in Gotham.

See I think it is a good thing that I won’t go there. Hmm what else has been going on with my normally boring and quiet life – have another appointment with my surgeon in August, still working on my diet and lost a whopping 30 lbs. I know that sounds good to some but my goal is another 50 by Christmas – that way I will be at my ideal weight for my height or whatever that crap is. I am even looking at clothes – never been one into the whole insane over clothes thing *well not since high school – but I had no money then so I didn’t get anything I liked lol.

The Los Angeles trip plansĀ  are coming along swimingly – exactly three weeks in a city far from home I really can’t wait. Planning some shopping and all that jazz but I am soo looking forward to just going to a coffee shop with my new laptop that I am getting next month *yeah!!* and just writing without worrying about getting home too late or something. Yup, I have to go to another country to do this *sad I know*.

It seems that my website won’t be up until after my first release (due to all my money going on weddings and trip deposits). Which I am kind of disappointed about but at least i am getting one and that is all that matters. I have tons *yes I said tons* of projects in the works right now and I am actually thinking of another pen name. But I am not rushing anything I like taking my time and get what I want to get done at my own pace. Something that I have finally allowed myself to do to sit back and relax, and it surprisngly feels good.

Anyway I promise to post some work progress in the next day or two and perhaps figure out how to change my in work progess meters on this blog.


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