Writing in Progress

August 10, 2007 at 10:28 pm (A.J, Coffee shops, writing)

I wonder if they have a poster or a sign with this message maybe than I can plaster it on my door so no one bugs me when I am in a writing trance. Yup, I call it a writing trance one of those rare -of -lately moments when you sit to do some writing and the ideas just flow without stopping and before you know it four or more hours have passed. One of my favorite places to write is my bed (great when I am really sore but want to work) and another place is your local starbucks, second cup or williams coffee pub I love all three. Nice comfy seats, normally quiet but with headphones I hardly notice and loads of caffine (my addiction besides Gary Oldman and chocolate). But until my laptop is fixed I am stuck at my desktop slowly getting some work done. I miss A.J!!! Anyway does anyone else have a favorite place they like to write?


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