Another writing update

April 26, 2008 at 9:02 pm (Writing Updates)

I have been insanely busy lately and I wish it was due to writing. But sadly that isn’t the reason, I am so tired at the moment it is a miracle I haven’t fallen asleep at the desk yet. Anyway onto the familiar updates with no new projects this week.

After the Rain – Contemporary Romance – Novella – 12,240/25,000

And Now You’re Mine – Contemporary Romance – Novella – 8,000/25000

Dangerous – Historical – Novel – 15,342/90,000

Darkly Enchanting – Paranormal – Short – 7,100/15,000

The Past and the Present – Novel – 43,000/140,000 – No change

Without End – Contemporary Novella – 6,879/30,000 – Is slowly becomaing a paranormal story



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Darkly Enchanting

April 21, 2008 at 8:26 pm (Darkly Enchanting)

Yes, I am posting on a monday of all things – i am sooo not a monday person nor am I a morning person. Anyway here is the basic idea of my wip that I am aiming for Nocturne Bites.

Adam is a 500 year old vampire who was tired of the city life with others of his kind so when he stumbled upon the sleepy New England town he fell in love with it at first sight. Finding a nice cottage just on the outskirts of the village he buys it without a second thought.

Samantha Deragt is a twenty-nine year old women who is Adam’s next door neighbour and she comes with more trouble then most people. Through her fathers family she had recieved the gift of being able to see the past, present and future if she touched something with her left hand which she goes around wearing a black velvet glove to prevent any unwanted visions to occur. The sleepy town call her a witch and leave her alone for most of the time unless they come to her little shop that is in her house.

Adam saves Samantha from a drunken bully and is there when she starts to recieve nasty threatening letters from someone who has a grudge against her. When the local police refuse to help Adam decides to help her himself When they find who is behind the threats and a murder the knowledge could rock the sleepy little town to it’s foundation.

Well I could go more in-depth and I already have another short story idea for the little village it is quickly becoming a safe haven for the undead but not so safe for the living.



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Another lovely friday means an update!

April 18, 2008 at 5:43 pm (Darkly Enchanting)

The sun is shining and the birds are tormenting my poor cat who sits and paws at the screen door when he isn’t sleeping. On a side note I am a bad, bad writer having not posted nor updated last week but I had a major personal crisis to sort out but now hopefully I am back on track with May just around the corner bringing another seventy days of sweat to an end.

Now onto some good news! I already have a few goodies planned in the upcoming months including a week count down to the release of Vampire Oracle: Ashes. I know it isn’t until September but I will have an actual web site up and running before then and have a free read (or two if I feel very nice) posted there. Never mind another little cotest for the official launch of the site but more details when the date comes closer.

And here is this weeks writing progress.

After the Rain – Contemporary Romance – Novella – 9,010/25,000

And Now You’re Mine – Contemporary Romance – Novella – 6,000/25,000

Dangerous – Historical Novel – 14,421/90,000

The Past and the Present – Novel – 43,000/140,000

Without End – Contemporary Novella – 4,278/30,000

Plus in the past week I have started yet another project – I know when will I learn I have a full plate as it is. But I tried to ignore it but the story idea just wouldn’t leave me alone.

Darkly Enchanting – Paranormal Short – 6,221/15,000

It is a little different than what I normally write with a traditional vampire and a woman who is called a witch due to a so-called gift she was cursed with at birth. She can see the dead and see the past when she touches certain objects. I will give some more details about this project on Monday. Yes, I said Monday so come back to see what I have then.

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Sweating like there is no tomorrow

April 5, 2008 at 1:11 am (Uncategorized)

I am so totally feeling the burn both from working out and the seventy days challenge. I am still working at it still not as much as I would like but hey some work is better than none. As promised here is the lovely progress on my seventy days of sweat challenge as of the past hour lol.

After the Rain -Contemporary Romance – Novella -5,984/25000

And Now you’re Mine – Contemporary Romance – Novella -3,500/25000

Dangerous – Historical Novel – 9300/80000

No Promises – Contemporary Novella – 11000/30000

I know not too impressive compared to my last posting but then again I the plot bunnies attacked and I am also working on the following;

Without End – Contemporary Novella – 3701/30000

The Past and the Present (yup I am going at it again and decided to continue research afterwards because then I end up reading too much and not enough writing lol) – Main Stream Novel – 34300/140000


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