Back to the grindstone

January 29, 2008 at 6:11 pm (Uncategorized)

I have just recieved my first book edits and it is a little thrilling actually I am quite excited. I know I am must be nuts but I have been driving myself crazy with too many what if questions. Now I know they don’t hate it, that my writing didn’t seem as boring as I thought (this happens when I focus on a project until the words blur and I know I have to take a break then or hate myself or worst the story). Ironically enough I had just finished my schedule and set time aside on the weekend for editing so that is all good.

Now I am going back to work on Something to Believe in. Have fun!!


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Up and running once again

January 28, 2008 at 8:24 am (Uncategorized) (, , )


I have tried a few times in the past month or so to get on but every new password that was sent to me just didn’t seem to work. I got so frustrated I was seriously considering throwing the computer out the window but since AJ has gone to that place where all dead laptops go, my closet – it would’ve been quite dumb. Anyway onto the news – or lack of news any which way you put it I really need a life.

Writing wise everything seems to be going good – Ashes had been been sent in on time only little problem is I think I submitted the wrong copy *cringe*. First book and I am already messing up as I wait for edits I will see if I was wrong or not. How could I send the wrong copy you may ask. Well, with me it is quite easy really I have two full versions of it and three unfinished versions when I get nervous and try to seriously edit it myself it sounds all wrong so I normally start from scratch or an early part of the story that I like. I have so many files on my computer I am constantly running out of space/memory but I suppose that is expected since I only have a basic Dell desktop – nothing fancy not even a flat screen. But my laptop beat this poor computer even when it was over a year old only once did I have a space issue so I can’t wait until I get another one.

Other Projects I have been working on have been going pretty good. I am working on a story that I am sending in for consideration to be in an anthology for an animal shelter. I love animals and this shelter works with disabled animals which is really a soft spot for me. My cat Mischief was born with a club paw he had surgery before we got him but just knowing that he had suffered breaks my heart. He also had a crystal problem when I was told he could lead a normal life with a surgery I begged and pleaded and somewhat threatened my parents (he was a family pet) to have the surgery. I am happy to say he is fine now and quite talkative and loving prouncing on my bed every morning putting his little furry face in mine and meowing what other way is there to wake up. He is the perfect alarm clock I would prefer if he did this say around 9am or later instead of 5 or 6am though.

Anyway I story I am working on is a contemporary romance about a woman who is just going through the motions in life, giving up on finding mister right after a sad breakup. But one day after a long boring day at work she finds a discarded box with a puppy in it as it begins to pour she takes the puppy with her. She knows it needs food but she had never had a pet due to a parents allergy while growing up so she goes to the one person whom she knows will help. Her ex-boyfriend’s brother who just happens to be a dog lover and has two of his own. It has been the first time she had seen him in almost a year and she is surprised to find there is a spark there but she really don’t need the tanglement of romance. But the three dogs – Bianca, Buster and Widget think that they know best for their two owners and seem to do everything in their power to make them realize it.

I like it quite a bit it kind of reminds me of how much animals and us people need love and just want to belong somewhere. It is tentatively titled Something to Believe in. But I think the title might be just a wee bit long I have about half of it done and I don’t see it being any shorter than 10k and could be as long as 15k or more.

I haven’t been on the web in awhile due to health and whatnot so I really need to catch up with email and such.

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