Why Vampires?

October 5, 2007 at 2:11 am (Uncategorized, vampires) ()


Ah, the question that I have been asking myself of late. Since I am currently writing two projects with vampires and starting one next month with NANO I decided to see for myself why. Let’s face it Vampires are one of if not the most sexy montster out there hands down – and why is this? Perhaps because in most stories and films the vampire lures its victims to them with seduction (sometimes a little mind control – but I am not focusing on that). You can’t help but scream get away but all the time a secret part of you thinks what a way to go. They make the ulitmate lover because most often they are the last or only lover their victim will ever have.

Could anyone think of anyting more terrifying than an villain using seduction as the perfect weapon? With just a cock of the eyebrow, an intense gaze and the briefest touch in passing. When vampires are the villain we know that they must come to an end but they do leace their mark. While in romances we can play with them so much more they can be good, bad, evil or a little in between and can go on forever.

Well, I know why I enjoy working with vampires – I was going to do a post on the history of the vampire but that sounded well cold.


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