I hate being sick

June 20, 2008 at 2:12 am (Uncategorized)

To be perfectly honest I am/was not sick but I had a few health issues that was just making my life miserable I will not go into details since I don’t even want to be reminded. The writing has been going slow perhaps a little too slow for my liking but when September I will have a new laptop and hopefully two months of coffee shop hoping before I am stuck in the house again.

August is creeping ever so closer and I just realized that after the wedding ceremony my sister is going to have light snacks and dancing. I can’t dance not like that is a shocking fact but I know that being the maid of honour I am kind of expected to stick around and I am fine with that idea. I can’t help but wonder if it would be wrong to bring a binder to do some writing when I am not helping out that is.

I am still debating if I should make my big Los Angeles trip for January or February I really would prefer to go to London but I think it would be a little to cold for my poor hips at the time and it is like ten times more expensive – go figure. I still want to go to London i just don’t know when.

As anyone can plainly see I really have quite a bit on my mind I am still planning a b. party for my sister as well. She don’t want any of the wild stuff like strippers and so but the one thing that is a must is chocolate strawberries. Cool. Now I am debtaing if I should have it at her place or someplace else. So many choices and so little time I have about three weeks tops to put any plans into motion.

Blah, Blah my head just feels so full and heavy why does it always seem like everything hits at once? Oh, I almost forgot I get to see my surgeon a week and a half after the wedding so I have so much more to look forward to lol. The one thing I really, really can’t wait for is The Dark Knight is coming July 18th – I will be getting my tickets at the beginning of July or there abouts I always get them earlier I hate line ups lol.



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